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   sometimes...i loose myself in fixing some cloths to some o' my window frames...
Kind of making some blinds quickly out of some nice piece of cloth put on both sides ... for the time lasting - fixed with a pair of thumbtacks -
there must be, there certainly is a traveller's'eeker inside of me. hiding for the night. hiding nightly activities behind blinds..., not to upset the sleepers.

always knitting loose ends - ropes even.... ok, well - not really. but from time to time i get the order to do so, take this three strings of that person...

like weaving hair accurately into a lovely braid - tightly knitted, but not too strong. gettin them drifting parts to pull into one direction again - together - and not against each other any-more.

mind, heart and soul within your self as well as within any other person's - can not be expected to act as one in harmony... as one voice..

they simply can't. only the refinement of them three leads to the forth - an undistroyable castle of consciousness - based in the armour of conscience.

a plasmatic field however - sort of a holographic cloud o' light - like a Star Sapphire - This glomming secret light-cloud - hovering between the in- and outside of the crystal . . . . .

so consciousnes arises out of the fluidum provided  by the threefold concept.

Master/Star, King, Queen of  heart, mind and soul, but not superior to it.

ready to receive the crown:

[ a young lady or a young keen man,  kneeling in front of a throne on stairs...]

  where is she.
when will she be realized.

and: will she ever be: recognized?  -   be: recognizable...?  ...  at ... all ?

Am I prepared? - Will I be able to see, to recognize...?

it is everywhere...available to everyone, to everything. too, some humans will be of that kind.

and more are coming. more and more.


victory - real victory  deserved out of an attitude of humility, integrity and not without Love... will be ours. finally -

and what will be, will be -and therfore is al- rea -ea -dy.


   so let's settle smoothly... prepare the soil, take care of the soil...
get prepared yourself - takin' care of your inner soil:
the peacefulnes, the quietness, within is forsight through the outside world: -

   Certitude, Certainty - is an interdependent aspekt of true intuition. of knowing.

I have heard:

"Just the inward journey is enough.

The deeper You go - the more consciousness within.

When You reach at the center:

 You're so full of light -

that darkness  - simply disappears." *

*) B S R

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