spiritual coaching

after having searched now for nearly one year...

- I didn't really believe anymore to find a place to make an new start...

I was already preparing to go back to Utah, USA, as I've got an invitation

by some old friends of the eighties around last christmas.

but  - coincidentally ? - I met a very smart group of fine  "healing" women on a HappyNewYearsParty

at an organic farm project outside Berlin,

who offered me a free space to work in nature and with nature again.


In March I will start a new Seminar on some of my themes

and I will try to get a little group together of some really interested folks

to start a year long  initiation process.

and up to now, we still take participants -

feel free to make a non-binding request.

Still - to wish for something is naturally human - but it's not in our hands, what finally comes out of it...


As well - together with my friend and soul companion Restin Deer I'm getting closer to soon publish one or two books,

where as I've been working on  the subject for so many years now -

after all we are in contact with a very nice and small Publishing House and we got offered some money in order to get it done at last....

well, we won't tell more, before the baby 's born.

All I'm able to  say is, it's gonna be absolutly extracalidorilisticexplicalidacious...............                    

and after all it will be a relief eventually.



it's time for a change

drive it - instead of being driven

think - or others think for you

act -or others act for you

"I do not want to stay again - see  the other ships sail again.

you got to realize to -it's not so very nice to: being left behind again?"   *)

so follow up - to get the fast train, the last train, the "last train to transcentral"  **)

with love - bianca


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