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Vejle, Denmark,'74

Exposé Exposure...coming out . .  braking the eggshell


Due to my work I prefer not to be exposed more than necessary and I bolt to keep a wide private space with me.

I love to - or better: I need to - work , whenever I want to, during the day or at night, maybe for two hours or

maybe for 24 hours...and I  do not want to be judged  or stalked or stopped by self righteous sleepers.

After I have finished Senior High School (Latinum, Chemistry, Mathemathics) in Vejle in the late 70's  I went to Ireland for two years.

The primal ancesters of my family came to Iceland from Ireland - so I thought it might be a good idea

to do some "research" about my own roots...

Well - I fell into the water rightaway - so to say. While walking through beautiful landscape, resting at prehistoric stone-circles,

passing unbelievable views, getting deeply satisfied swimming in and drinking of miracalous lonely lakes up in the mountains... and it did not matter,

if this was in Donegal, Connemara , Kerry or Belfast .....everywhere I met lovely people:

tinker, musicians, storyteller, horsetrader, wainwrights, cattlemarkets, holy mushrooms..... fairies and fawns.

#shrug# - this wasn't my intention, nor did i deserve it - while travelling by foot through ireland, something poured into me,

dissolved me and left nothing but "coming home"...So i got initiated and wasn't even comprehending at aaaaall.....


I went to Germany after these two years, got deeply into tarot and astrologik, had tremendous luck to meet masters like

Wolfgang Döbereiner or Stanislav Grof..., i got married, had children,got divorced - the whole program -

so far - no more. Enough, I suppose, for those who need them autobiographical picks to -

maybe -see: "Okay - she seems to be a normal human, maybe! You can never be sure, are you..?"



After forty years of Fortunetelling ..., Storytelling...  allways talk to people, allways about the same Questions,

allways (more or less) travelling around Europe - I was finally allowed to settle quietly outside a  capital City in Europe.

Nobody knows me, everybody is friendly, me and the other habitants  are friendly -

we take care of the house, the garden, the soil, flowes and all the fauna - of and together with: friends and lovers.

now and then we have seminars, workshops, parties..children and grandchildren making holiday here at our place.

A normal life in love and attention and appreciation, thanksfullness, quietnes and abundance -generousness.

Due to the fact that all of us want this kind of peace and workfullnes -

to be developing by its own pace and only out of no reason, just for the joy of serving -

We here  -Me  want this to stay like this - so may I beg your pardon to accept,

that I am not going to give details about my real lookalike and adress on www.

(I put this down three years ago, at my 60th birthday - Re-vision on Feb., the 8th, 2022)


with love, Bianca Hrafninn.


Vejle, Denmark,'74